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Nebraska Marksmanship Association (NMA)

...promoting shooting sports in Nebraska

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Membership Details:
If you wish to join the Nebraska State Association (NMA), you may do so by completing the membership application form and mailing to:
NE Marksmanship Asso (NMA)
PO Box 390311
Omaha, NE 68139
Click here for the form and print:
NMA Membership requirements:
  1. the annual fee of $5.00 (required).
  2. your name (required).
  3. address (required).
  4. your NRA Number (required).
  5. other contact information - e.g. - phone or email* (optional).
  6. your CMP Number (optional).
You should receive a membership card within 2 to 3 weeks.
We ask for your patients, it's somewhat of a manual task to get these done, and there really isn't a "full time staff" process memberships during business hours.  :-) 

If you NEED you card sooner that the normal processing time, please email me - Bill,

The NMA's membership period is 14 months, from Nov 1 to Jan 10 of the next year.
Example:  the 2014 membership period is: Nov 1, 2013 to Jan 10, 2015.

*We send out announcements via email, so providing your email ensure you will receive communications.  Your email will not go any further than that.  :-)